The Trikelet is a stylish and practical solution for the daily commute in and around big cities. This electric scooter can be used to ride to the railway station, the office, as last mile solution or just to get around. It is intuitive to ride and fold: within seconds it’s a very compact trolley, which can be pulled along. It fits under the seat of most trains, subways, or busses and in most of the luggage compartments.

As all the soiled parts are folded into the inside and dripping water is collected, the Trikelet can be handled as any clean and compact piece of hand luggage. As it is clean and compact, you can take it inside, avoiding theft or vandalism.

The new design

Unique features

Can be pulled as a trolley

Only has to be lifted sporadically.

Public transport

Fits in most luggage compartments of train, subway or bus.

No theft hazard

Easily taken along, inside and outside. Take the trikelet with you everywhere you go.

Luggage space

Going to do the groceries? Don’t worry, the trikelet has a place to put your bag when riding it.

Very small when folded

Folds without lifting or turning and is less than half the size of the average folding bike.

Clean at the outside

The soiled wheels fold to the inside and dripping water is collected, so the Trikelet does not soil your cloths or your house.