Fietsenstalling Treinstation in Assen

For the daily commute

The Netherlands has a bike parking problem, especially around the central stations. There is simply not enough space in the parkings inside (guarded) as well as outside the stations (unguarded), resulting in piles of bikes and bikes placed everywhere and thereby often blocking the side walks. A daily nuisance for the commuter in the Netherlands. The unguarded parkings are susceptible to vandalism and theft, while the guarded parkings are expensive. It is also difficult to find a free space and to find your bicycle upon return. With the Trikelet those problems no longer exist as you simply take it with you.

Last mile solution

The Trikelet is very well suited as last mile solution for (electric) cars. Parking in urban centres is often limited and expensive, moreover, parking your car at the destination itself is often not even possible. Those who drive an electric car, can use the Trikelet to travel to and from a charging point. Most car manufacturers have recognized this problem and some even came up with a solution for this, but none of these solutions is as complete as the Trikelet.


Solution in big cities like London

The Trikelet is also an excellent solution for urban areas outside the Netherlands. Think of cities like London, New York, Paris or Shanghai (picture) where municipalities are building bicycle lanes to accommodate the increasing popularity of bicycle and scooter travel. However most people do not own a bicycle shed, so they have to park their bicycles in their apartments. Again, the Trikelet offers the solution, it is easy to take inside, as it hardly takes any space and it is clean.

No bicycle shed necessary

Many people living in urban areas do not own, nor have access to a bicycle shed. Their bicycles are parked outside, susceptible to weather, vandalism and theft. While as the Trikelet is clean and compact and can be taken inside. About four Trikelets fit in a cupboard on a floor space of only 70×40 cm and a height of about 150 cm. So a family of four can park all their urban transport needs on such a small floor area! And of course, charge it in the cupboard.

Fietsen in de stad Den Haag

Internal transportation

The Trikelet is also very attractive to use for internal transportation, for example at airports, business centers or industrial areas. For instance, airline personnel can ride the Trikelet through the airport and simply leave it at the gate. Arriving personnel take the Trikelets and ride  to the exit, and so on, and on. Their luggage can be placed on the Trikelet (there is space for a large shopping bag). Trikelets would give an efficiency gain at the large hub type of airports. As ten Trikelets fit in one cubic meter of space – 35 cubic feet, they take little space. The 3D rendering gives an impression of some Trikelets in an airport.

Shopping around town

Also the inner cities in The Netherlands face the bike parking problems. These centers try to manage the influx by organising parking spaces and by removing bicycles which are parked outside the designated areas. But by using the Trikelet as a shopping trolley (by placing a shopping bag on top of the Trikelet folded as trolley), there is no parking space needed. And as an alternative; it is easy to organise Trikelet drop off places. Around ten Trikelets fit in one cubic meter of space (35 cubic feet) so it doesn’t need to be a big location.

Fietsen in de stad 2

Riding slopes

In the Netherlands cycling is a means of transport, but in almost any other country, it is a form of work out. But to arrive covered in sweat at the office is not seen as compatible with the modern business environment. The Trikelet takes you to your work without sweat, even if it is hot outside or the road is steep*. Your cloths stay clean and fresh. And when it rains; a raincoat is also much more effective when you are standing upright on the Trikelet than when you’re cycling.

* For very steep slopes, we will have to fit gear changing to the Trikelet.

Last mile for caravans or yachts

Owners of yachts and recreational vehicles have the same last mile problem as cars in the inner cities. At the moment bikes or folding bikes are being used, but again, the Trikelet is more compact, more comfortable and clean. And as it is clean and compact, the Trikelet can be transported inside the vehicle so no separate bicycle carrier is needed. In hot and hilly places the Trikelet will bring you comfortably from the (camping) site to the local shop.