Can I be a distributor?

Please send us an email stating for which country or region you would be interested to distribute.

What is the expected price?

The expected retail price of the Trikelet is around 1300 € (around 1400 US$) incl. VAT.

Are you planning to rent out the Trikelets

This is certainly a business opportunity that we will explore. Trikelets will take much less space in the rental shops than bicycles or electric mopeds do.

When will your product hit the market?

You can follow the latest developments on Twitter (@Trikelet) or send us an email.

Will the Trikelet be sold in my country?

Please follow us on Twitter  (@Trikelet) for the latest developments.

Which regulations apply to the Trikelet?

The regulations concerning these type of vehicles differ per country. Exact information on the regulations per country or state, will be stated on the website once sales is starting in that country or state.

Maximum weight to carry?

For now the weight limit is set at 100 kg. But we might consider a higher weight limit if there is sufficient demand for.

Can the range be extended?

The range is around 35 km, with the possibility to double the range with a bigger battery.

High resolution pictures available?

Please contact us via email for HR picture requests.

Is there a bigger version available for two persons?

At this moment we are only working on a single person version as a means of personal transport.

Can I also carry a shopping bag when the Trikelet is folded as a trolley? Then I can use it as a shopping trolley.

For this we are planning to design a special shopping bag that can be attached to the Trikelet in the trolley position.

Can the Trikelet be made lighter than 17 kg?

We are designing an aluminium frame for the Trikelet. A lighter version would have to be made with a carbon composite frame. This would make the Trikelet much more expensive.

Can you attach a seat or saddle to the Trikelet, so that I can sit when riding it?

For now we are not planning a seat or a saddle. The Trikelet is designed for short distance travel. We might consider a version with a saddle in a later stage.

Can I balance the scooter when I have balancing limitations?

The Trikelet has three wheels, but the two rear wheels can tilt, so the Trikelet has to be balanced, just like a normal scooter with a single rear wheel. Thus the rider should be able to balance a two wheeled scooter standing upright.

Can I climb very steep hills with the Trikelet?

With a motor power of 700 W you can climb hills with a maximum slope of about 10 to 15% percent, depending on the total weight.

What are the regulations for my country?

The regulations for the Trikelet differ per country and in the USA per state. The overview on Wikipedia made for the Segway gives some idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segway_PT. If you can find information about the regulations in your country or state, we would very much appreciate if you could send us this information.

Can I also kick scooter with the Trikelet?

You can, but it is rather strenuous, because your riding position is rather high. The powerful motor will make kick scootering unnecessary in almost all cases.

Is the Trikelet waterproof?

The Trikelet is developed in The Netherlands, which is a rather rainy country, so the Trikelet will be able to resist rainfall.

Is there also a version for snow covered roads?

The Trikelet is only a first prototype and we haven’t had time yet to work on adaptations for cold climates. The wheels can be exchanged easily, since they are suspended only at one side, so we could imagine a set of winter wheels with spiked tires. But no work has been done yet on this topic.

What is the battery capacity?

The battery capacity is around 400 Wh, with the possibility to upgrade to 800 Wh.

What type of batteries will you use?

We will use li-Ion batteries.

What is the charge time?

The charge time will be around 1 to 3 hours, depending on the state of discharge.

Why is the motor power so high and the speed so low?

We designed the Trikelet to be a practical means of transport. It should be capable of climbing slopes of 10 to 15% and to ride against heavy front wind.