Our team

Anton Schaap

Founder and mechanical engineer

Sander Smeekes

Web designer

Jori de Breet

Industrial Design

Our Mission

Trikelet BV is founded by people with a long track record in sustainable development. The company is dedicated to the development and marketing of the Trikelet electric scooter. We aim to play a leading role in the market of last mile solutions for car and public transit and for inner city mobility. We are a sustainable company; we will compensate any greenhouse gas emissions related to the electricity consumption of the product. Trikelet BV is also a socially responsible company; we will take care that all workers for the Trikelet, all over the world are treated well. We also care about the 1 billion people in the world that live without electricity. The Trikelet Li-Ion battery is very well suited as electricity storage for Solar Home Systems, while it is safe, clean and very long lasting. Solar Home Systems bring basic electricity needs like for example lighting, phone charging and a small TV, to those people. We will support suppliers of Solar Home Systems with the implementation of The Trikelet battery in their systems.

The Trikelet is a very sustainable means of transport. It has no local emissions, but it consumes a little bit of electricity (less than 50 kWh per year). The Trikelet company will compensate the associated green house gas emissions by buying green electricity certificates. The Trikelet is “cradle to cradle”; all the materials can be fully recycled.